Monday, October 11, 2010

Treasury Time

I've been included in a couple of treasuries~and thought I'd share, here. A little "shout out" to the curators as a token of my appreciation ; )

I haven't yet made any myself, but I love seeing mosaics of pretty things on other's blogs so until I get around to figuring out how to make those....enjoy these treasuries-lots of great things here:

This one is called Teal blue lace, and is curated by virtuly

This one is called Arrive in the afternoon, the late light slanting by beadsbaublesnbangles

This one is great for Fall called Passionately Pumpkin by rewelliott

This one is from the M thread II by ElainaLouiseStudios

Clicks and comments appreciated ; )....Maybe one day the front page?! : )


karina said...

Great blog! Thanks!

Christie Cottage said...

Great treasuries! Congrats on being included in so many!

Lisa said...

The blue treasury is sooo stunning..
Commented on them all ~*~

andrea creates said...

thanks :)

kt said...

Andrea, you are rockin it on the treasury front!:) I loved going and checking these all out.
Thanks for sharing them.

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