Thursday, November 11, 2010

Something Old...Something New....

I've been tagged by Martina over at M's art impressions. I thought this would be a fun challenge...

I'm to show,
Something 'old' :

Yep, me-photos just a 'bit' old ; )

Something new:

Finally got those bags photographed, but still need my model shots ;0

Something borrowed:

From my Mom~ a bunch of old family photos I've scanned and uploaded to make discs for my siblings....only many many more boxes to go :0

Something Blue:

candy tins from my collection

something still in my shop ; )

I need to tag a few people so how about this way?~if you're one of my first 4 or 5 newest followers, and you 'd like to do a post like this...consider yourself tagged : )

Have a Happy( is it) Thursday (already?!)

edit: i was among the featured on papercakes flickr friday post today-yay! :)


Christie Cottage said...

You are lovely!

I don't want to be tagged, but I enjoyed your post!


Martina said...

A very pretty collection of pix here Andrea, very tastefully done! Family-photos - yes, i want do that too - maybe make a photo-book, but when? Let's see, if winter will be long enough ;) That first one of you is so sweet!

moose and bird said...

Thanks for sharing.....I love all of your treasures. x

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