Monday, January 31, 2011

Remembering~ Beauty in Imperfection

While on a school field trip in France, walking back to school, the art teacher asked us to gather a few things we thought were pretty pertaining to whatever we were studying ~ flowers, feathers whatnot...I cannot remember what the subject was...he was also the "French" teacher so it may not have even been an art project. However I remember specifically gathering a few dried up leaves and withered wild flowers. I remember him asking why. I don't remember what I said because it was probably in really bad French ;) but the rough translation was something about thinking they were pretty as they were....even if they were overlooked by others. I got a good grade :)

I thought of that yesterday when I made this business card wallet.

I had it completed when I noticed the tiny red thread on the back. Then, when I went to add the snap-I didn't have enough padding underneath apparently, and the 'pearl' cracked.
I think the thread may be "pickable"...and the snap still functions. It just has a 'crazed pottery' look.
Because I'm generally a bit persnickety with my projects it bothered me, but it's so pretty I thought I'd add it to the shop anyway. It does have a discounted price, so if you'd like a business card wallet with a bit of a story, still pretty but slightly imperfect-and at a great price, then this one may be for you ;)

Here's another bright, cheery treasury:


Julie said...

I love your story...I don't think I would have noticed the button or the thread but that is very honorable to make note & discount. It's really a sweet piece...I'm sure it will sell right away! : )

Heather said...

Lol, when things like that happen I usually call it 'the first pancake.' because the first pancake always comes out weird, a little odd, scrunched up or burned. But hey, it usually tastes just as good as the perfect looking ones!
I think this is so pretty and the colors are so cheery. Sometimes these little 'accidents' lead to us being able to talk ourselves into keeping something we make. we dont often do that!~

andrea creates said...

thanks girls :)
heather- i understand-my pancakes turn out that way too! i have a 'few' of those, lol!

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