Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Patterns~ a 'Pocket Clutch' Petite Review

Sometimes when in a creative rut, I find I like to follow someone else's pattern. Not having to think helps me think better! Go figure ;)

I have admired this pattern by keykalou (the "Pocket Clutch") for awhile and finally went ahead and bought it a few weeks ago. I actually hesitated because I thought it seemed silly of me. I design my own patterns, right?

Well, silly or not, I bought it, and really enjoyed making it. Even though she allows buyers of her patterns to sell them, (see her policy page for info) mY intent is just to make gifts.

This one is a gift to myself ;)


PonderandStitch said...

That is so cute..I've made many keykalou patterns and given them as gifts. They are always a big hit!

Heather Bailey said...

Great colors! Really fun.

andrea creates said...


Martina said...

A very pretty one Andrea - Makes me happy to look at it!

kt said...

Andrea this is really such a sweet pattern! I love the combo you chose you really should make these for your shop I bet they would sell like hot cakes!

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