Friday, January 14, 2011

Treasury Thursday!

O.k, o.k, I know it's Friday...but yesterday was my lucky treasury day!! I like to share them here as a token of my appreciation & I also love discovering new shops this way too... so here goes....

First up: Tomato Tomahto

curated by theeye

Next up:
Just for the fun of making a treasury

curated by punkymunky

And next:

Found you in the forums part 3 "serendipity" by FreshUrbanVintage

And finally~Craving Color byTangledWood

Clicks and comments appreciated of course :)
Have a super Friday~ it's almost the weekend!


Silver Lining Decor said...

Wow! Yesterday was your lucky treasury day! Congrats :)

Martina said...

Happy Friday and Weekend Andrea, let's make the best out of it - much inspiration in these lovely treasuries!

koralee said...

Just popped by to see if you have anything new in the shop today! Hugs for the weekend.

MyHobbyShop said...

What a great blog. I am glad you liked the treasury :-) thanks for featuring it here.


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