Thursday, January 13, 2011


I don't tweet (yet, ?). But this was one of few photos I took today that I liked so here it is...It's just a scrap I use to start off my threads and practice free motion stitching.

This is my newest tote:

A Spring tote!

I attached a vintage crochet doily, that I got at the Country Living Fair this year, and some pink buttons. I think this would be a great project tote- nothing too heavy...Take along your knitting or crochet project, a book, something like that.
In the shop soon ; )

It's so hard to go outside to take photos with the snow past my ankles. Lighting isn't the best inside either, so these photos are not the best, but the best I can do for now.
It's one of the main reasons I mostly make small projects ; )
They fit inside my light box. Do not require too much fabric or materials, and are easy and light to ship...

How's the weather at your house?


Rachel said...

The colors and fabric on your spring tote are wonderful... we could use a little spring right now : )

Tam Hess said...

RAIN and RAIN! We were suppose to get snow but then we didn't. Everyone was excited for nothing. Gotta love Portland Oregon.

I love all your work. You use great colors! Beautiful pictures too. Thanks for sharing. :)

We Blog Artists said...

I hear you on the lighting...very difficult in the winter.
Love the tote...and how do you free hand stich letters?


andrea creates said...

thanks everyone :)

Martina said...

Oh, i so get in the mood for spring seeing this! The yellow doillie with pink button is so much fun to look at. Happy creating!

Christie Cottage said...

I love doilies. I have a doily made into a frame. It was a craft purchase from a long time ago. Every time I see a doily I think of it.


Silver Lining Decor said...

Love that tote! It was sunny here today, but COLD!! I'm already dreaming about the summer!

Your photos look great, but I know what you mean about the lighting needing to be right in order to get that perfect shot! It's tough :)

Heather said...

i know how you feel! I just went outside the other day to photograph a painting and was like 'sheesh! this is tooo cold!'
I love your little tweet! thats so sweet and I love all the free sewing. its a work of art!~

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