Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Decisions Decisions...

I'm trying to decide whether I want to add more bags to the shop.
I spent the other morning working on this prototype. It takes a lot longer and a lot more material to make a purse than my little pouches & wallets. I wanted a, just under your arm, length bag, so this one's about 8 inches tall.

I have a lot of questions, and if you would like to answer some for me, I'd love it :)
  • Is this a size you'd use?
  • Would you want pockets? I like pockets but I never really end up using them. Or maybe just 1.
  • Snap, zipper, magnetic closure or none?
  • Would you mind if they were shipped in bubble mailers instead of a box? Thinking of ways to keep shipping costs down...
  • Any other suggestions?
I've also been thinking of making patterns instead, but have no idea really how to digitize a hand drawn pattern (yet). It is something I've been wanting to learn...Anyone have any tips on that they'd like to share?

Decisions decisions...


koralee said...

I think bags are lovely...I do know that they can get costly with that silly shipping. I like big messanger bags

Pockets are nice inside...this one you made is lovely!

Whatever you do I know it will be wonderful...I am so loving all my little things from you. xoxo

kt said...

I wouldn't use this size just because I pack my purse full(too full:) but my daughter's and my friends all seem to use this size. I say yes to at least one pocket, for keys or cell phone. I love snaps or zippers. I think bubble mailers are great. I use them to ship my fabric items and I get them all the time from other etsy sellers they are water proof and sturdy.
I love the color combo and I think it would be very popular because it is a super cute design.

andrea creates said...

Thanks so much girls...that gives me a few things to think about!

I appreciate it :)

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