Tuesday, February 22, 2011

La Tour Eiffel

Thank you all for the well wishes yesterday :) I'm feeling a bit better...

Have you ever been to Paris? I used to live right outside~ in the outskirts. I loved it.
I've even been clear to the top. The elevator ride is quite an experience.

When I saw this fabric the other day-I couldn't resist. I bought it in 3 different colorways. The print seems to be labels from vintage perfume bottles and advertisements.
I added the black and white striped gros~grain ribbon as a tab for this case. You could always add a split ring to it and attach your keys-or attach the wallet to a hook in your purse perhaps? Mais oui ;)
As you can see, I'm a little addicted to these petite projects!!

Here's a quick little french grammar lesson~
they don't always capitalize words you would normally capitalize in English. Such as the word 'french'.
It does seem to be a leftover habit of mine, but sometimes I'm just a bit of a lazy typer ; )

~~~Have a merveilleux weekend~~~

P.S: Here are a few more treasuries... I just realized while checking in on another blog I love to read, that I love seeing treasuries, mosaics & collections like this because they remind me of looking through magazines. Lovely photos :)
~~Hope you enjoy looking at them too~~


We Blog Artists said...

oooo lala...looks like you have the french fever...there's a lot going around this blogworld.
Hope you feel better soon dear A!
P.S.LOVE the fabric and all those treasuries!!!

Rachel said...

love the fabric! I've been to Paris twice and it's my favorite European city!

koralee said...

I would of loved to have lived in Paris...what fun.

Your new fabric is lovely. Love those collages. xo

Maria Isabel said...

I dream of Paris! Someday... someday

ayumills said...

That is my favorite wallet so far! LOVE the fabrics! I saw the pink and white version of it which of course I had to snatch as soon as I saw it!

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