Monday, February 21, 2011

The Quilting Bee

What a pretty treasury this is!
Curated by

I love the color scheme. She's added my Japanese Countryside Clutch which is one of my favorite things I've made, but hasn't received much love ;)

Thanks Simplysuzula!

Meanwhile, we've had a 3 day weekend and it's gone from sunny and warm(er)to cold and actually hailing this morning.

Plus, this weekend I have been under the weather. I haven't been this sick since I was a kid, & now I have been twice, in maybe a year.Ug

Hoping tomorrow is better cause I have things (kid errands) to do :)


Tamara said...

Hope you are feeling better soon xo

kt said...

feel better soon!

Martina said...

Pretty color scheme here! Have been "under the weather" since a few weeks now as well and want to get out - i need my energy back! Get well soon Andrea, dreadful winter can't last foreever!

Becca said...

Hi Andrea, I am sending warm and well wishes to you my friend! Take care. :-)

Christie Cottage said...

I hope you feel better tomorrow!


Silver Lining Decor said...

Pretty treasury! Sorry you aren't feeling well! I hope you feel better soon :) We have had some strange weather lately too. In the 60s and 70s for the past couple of days, then back to the 40s on Tues. So strange!

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