Thursday, February 10, 2011


All my days seem to be running together lately like a speedy blur... I remember last Thursday thinking-we'll get over that week's general busy~ness , and by Monday I'll be able to get some work done.
Lol :0
I had one home sick from school-Tuesday was run around get errands done time-same as yesterday, and now I'm back at Thursday looking forward to Monday again to get things done.
Today I have a 1 1/2 hour window before running off to orthodontists, libraries, groceries etc. etc.
So here I am...I decided to take the time to blog and work on my photos again.
It's a sunny day & I thought I'd try to see if that made a difference I have 2 little windows down here next to my set up...I also tried turning the lights around....If this doesn't work -I have one other idea suggested by LittleGreenShoot in the 2 posts ago's comments section-
Here we go-
Clever me, I forget which ones I took where and how! ;0

Ok, I think this is the light studio version... with lights angled different ways.
Of these I think the first is best. The 3rd seems a bit bright.What do you think?
Now to remember which way I had the lights facing.
Here we have some 'before and afters' with 'after' being first of course cause I do everything backwards!

I think I like the 'after' first. It was taken in natural light which usually turns out best for me. (My new set up is mainly a backup plan for dreary days ) The middle is too yellow and the last too blue and bright? I'd love it if you could let me know if there are any here you think are any good....
Edit: You can click on the photos to make them bigger-I just did, and realized of all of them the natural light's my fave...Off to sew instead ;)


karuski said...

What cute purses you have here!

Definitely I like the 1st picture best. It's always good if you can capture true colors to your photo. Close ups are often nice as a first choice on Etsy listings, I think. Good job!


angela's eyes. said...

Hi! I found you through Silver Lining Decor's blog. I love your purses!! ☺

Martina said...

I so know this problem of time flying by like nothing. I had flue and had to finish the magazine - my head is spinning and i miss me time! Take some for yourself this weekend - i will, too! xx

Heather said...

I think these photos came out great! So crisp and the colors are so pretty :) sometimes when I get those little windows of time I totally blank out on what I need to do and somehow lose the time, I need to get back on my schedule!~

Lisa said...

I am liking the after as well .. great job .. you are quite the photo touch up master!

my days are as blurry as yours... where does time go????

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