Saturday, February 12, 2011

What do you Think?

O.k- I've spent 2 days working on this...(!)

It seems like a lot of work for something so tiny!It measures just a bit bigger than the size of a business or credit card
(2 3/4" x 3 3/4")

This is a prototype. I know it seems simple-a few rectangles-why did it take so long, right?
Well, if you sew, and make your own designs-you know how long it can take. If you don't-well it can take a long time, and lots of trials and errors.
I have 2 unusable ones on the cutting table ;)

What do you think?
Does it need the 4 pockets or would 2 do for you?
Is it something you'd use?
My other cases are pretty popular-I just wanted to make something a bit smaller and more square.

Also tried something new with my photos...more light!

We're off to see the Justin Bieber movie today~
Have a super weekend :)

p.s I'm working on my treasury (finally!)it's nearly done- stay tuned :)

thanks girls for the quick feedback!-i had gone off to work on a new one with just 2 pockets and a little wider to accommodate holding extra business cards...i think i'll list this one today and maybe make both a 2, and 4 pocket version : )


Rachel said...

love, love, love this! I only use tiny wallets, so to me this is perfect. I use the little business card holder from your shop as my wallet right now.

Silver Lining Decor said...

Very cute!! I like all the pockets, more is always best ;)

andrea creates said...

oops had to throw my misspelled comment away ;0
thanks girls- i appreciate the quick feedback!
i just finished one with 2 pockets so i think i may have to have 2 versions in the shop :)

Lisa said...

I love the design & know exactly what you mean about smaller items.. They "seem" like it should be simpler but the can be very obstinate!

Photo look really good!

Julie said...

Ooooh I love this! I really, really do! I would definitely use this. They both are so beautifully done...I think the more pockets the better but that's just me! :)

Gretchen C. said...

I LOVE the 2 pocket version! and I know what you mean about "small projects". I think they take longer because of the attention to detail.

Martina said...

So pretty! More pockets are better i'd say. Love the roses pattern! You are so creative!

noodle and lou said...

oh gosh i ADORE them! especially the 2nd one...something about the colors and tiny polka dots...swoon! and 2 days? it would have taken me 2 years:) heehee! xox...jenn

Christie Cottage said...

Great new item!


ayumills said...

What a clever pattern!!
I know what you mean by taking a long time to come up with an original pattern. It takes me days too!

angela's eyes. said...

really cute! I'd go with four pockets!

jody mcdowell said...

i love the wallets! i always wanted to make some, but never knew where to start.. seemed simple, but it's not! great job :)

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