Friday, March 25, 2011

Petit Fours Bag

Is there a word that comes to mind when you make something that turns out exactly as planned?

Perhaps a Happy Dance? For some reason I think: 'blablabla'.
Funny huh?...I guess when things work out the way I want, I'm speechless. Lol.

I set out to make a sort of cosmetic, or small rounded bag, with this 'petit fours' fabric and some large scale gingham I bought last week.

I drew out the pattern and sewed it all together running back and forth to school between a volunteering job!
The combination of patterns reminds me of a picnic on a warm sunny day eating dainty little desserts :)

It also goes quite nicely with the business card wallet here:


We Blog Artists said...

LOVE it Andrea!'re getting REALLY good!
Have a great weekend.

andrea creates said...

thanks char!

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