Friday, March 25, 2011

WIP Done

WIP done!
The weather has changed drastically over the last few days, and my plans for a natural lighting photo shoot have gone out the window with the warmth and sunshine.
But, I thought I'd share anyway...
This bag is very much like the shape of the sling bag I made here:
Just much bigger, and with a gusset. The strap is adjustable as well, just a different configuration.
Not listing 'til the sun comes out ;)
I've got some new ideas coming soon.
Have a super weekend, friends

P.S~ Still playing with my banners. This one seems a little more 'Springy' than the last, but still not sure...


Martina said...

The banner fits with that post so well - and iot adds sunshine! Very pretty, these bags. Have a super weekend!

andrea littlebighead said...

you really do create some beautiful things indeed :)

andrea creates said...

thanks :)

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