Thursday, March 24, 2011


O.k-so you guys all helped me to decide that----
I should keep my bag :)
I even took it out today for a quick 'pick up kids from school' trip!
But...I am working on another, in yellows and greens, will be in the shop just as soon as it's finished. The print reminds me of vintage sheets, maybe a nap in the sunshine? Springtime.
Oh Spring-
I'm not used to the Midwest version. One day hot and muggy-yesterday, hail, sun and a tornado watch-today possible snow...
No comment.

1 side done.
1 more side, straps + the lining to go ....

What are you working on?

P.S~ Thanks to all who posted on my 'lunch post' yesterday. It's fun to hear about your local favorite specialties!


blueberries in the fields said...

Andrea ! this bag is simply gorgeous ! I made 2 so far for my shop, more ofa tote pattern and i used vintage sheets i bought from the thrift shop. it is fun giving a new life to old things. :)
realy love the color and that cute doily.

andrea creates said...

thanks so much :)

Christie Cottage said...

I use my vintage sheets too! Vintage as in used until you can see thru the fitted one! The top sheets always lasts longer.

Have fun creating!


Becca said...

I always love your creations! Happy weekend my friend. :-) I'm hoping to get crafty this weekend, not sure what yet, but hopefully inspiration will hit!

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