Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Weird Food Love

O.k, so I don't usually post about food, unless it's about my love of chocolate ;)
But today I just had to share.
Hopefully the photos aren't too terrible looking, or unappetizing for those that don't eat meat-or don't like pork or pate....I was in a hurry to eat so I didn't take the time to try too hard on presentation, lol.

Today I had to drive 20 miles back and forth for a book at a library. While there I decided I might as well drop by a store that has a lot of specialty food items~ last time there-I found out they have "rillettes".

Dangerous for me to know.

Rillettes, pronounced "ree-yette", are a specialty in the part of France I grew up in.
We used to make sandwiches with rillettes.
So this sandwich, and a side salad were my lunch today.

Do you have a local specialty you can't resist?


blueberries in the fields said...

I love rillettes, very popular here in Quebec. After all, we have french roots. ^-^ once youstart eating that delicious paté, youcan't stop. spread on fresh baguette ? yummy !
did i tell you i was going to visit france in september ? myfirst evertrip to europe ! so excited!

We Blog Artists said...

Not really any "local" food as per say...but sushi really does satisfy my ANY food desire!!!
Your sandwich looks good!

That's a LONG drive just to get a book!


Martina said...

Hmmm, i like rilettes! Good food anyway! We live in a wine-region here, a local thing in spring is "Grüne sauce", a sauce made from many fresh herbs and mayonaise and yoghurt, and you eat it with potatoes and hard boiled eggs. Another yummy thing here is asparagus - i could go on and on ...

Chloe' said...

ooo y'know... that looks sooo yummy! I've just gotten home after a long day of helping friends move house & i could just about eat Anything =P

hmm..local foood.. not so much here.. but the fresh fish & muscles are delicious when we go down south =)

Chloe x

andrea creates said...

Everything sounds so delicious!
...Martina-I'm a big fan of German food :)

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