Saturday, April 9, 2011

Cute Birthday Pocket Clutch

This is a Pocket Clutch I made for someone's birthday. I won't say who-just in case they read my blog.
My daughter helped me choose the button and take the photos, put the captions...

I used up some of the 'Pez' fabric I have a little bit of...It's one of my all time favorite prints.

I'm so tempted to make some for my shop ;)


Martina said...

GORGEOUS! Awww, i love how perfectly you make these things! What a superlovely present!

Lisa said...

So CuTe!!! L♥ve the fabric!

moose and bird said...

I looooove the combination of colours and patterns. Your work is stunning x

Christie Cottage said...

I lvoe the fabric and the design of this one!

Have a wonderful week!


andrea creates said...

thanks :)

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