Friday, April 8, 2011

Prototype Review

I thought it might be a bit fun today to do a little review of my own prototype (the one I was working on the other day).
Rather than just making notes about what I may do differently next time, and keeping them to myself-I'll write them out here...

~Try & use more scraps of 'mixy matchy' prints. Add more buttons and trims...Be more daring with patterns ;)

like here.

~This is such a tiny purse-does it really need inside pockets?
Not decided yet whether to keep or toss them. Next time tho', just heavy interfacing (for the pocket). I used batting and it has a nice weight but was a little thick to turn right side out.

That's pretty much it. All in all it turned out mostly as I wanted.
What do you think?

~Off to make a birthday present now...Have a wonderful weekend~


Trisha Brink Design said...

Andrea, this is a great idea! I would agree with you on being a bit more daring with print (I would like a littl more punch of color too) as far as the technical parts are concerned....I leave it in your talented hands! :) Mostly? I like it!!! Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :D Happy Weekend!

Rachel said...

I love the shape of this bag! sleek and girlie at the same time : )

Christie Cottage said...

This is a great prototype! Love the fabric and the Bird on the front!

Have a wonderful Saturday!


andrea creates said...

thanks for answering(and the compliments) everyone-i appreciate your input :)
i'm going to try and make a more 'daring' one this weekend~
have a great one ...

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