Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Scrapbook Collage Inspiration WIP

I visit the scrapbook store almost as much as fabric stores & have a huge collection of paper I can't resist buying, yet, I (sadly) rarely get around to paper crafting anymore, and I (also sadly) haven't printed up many of my photos since I received a digital camera years ago. (These are both things I plan to be changing soon. I even have paper project plans -woohoo).

I also love paper collages, bits of ephemera, scraps of fabric, ribbon, written words, buttons... I have pretty good collections of those too ;)

So, this week, with those in mind, 2 ideas came together:

1) I Love reading through my Somerset Studios collection, especially all of the inspirational collages. When I see one, I wonder how I can make one, only, with my fabrics, bits of trims, and buttons I have all around.

2) I wanted to make myself-and potentially for the shop, a small clutch to take on my seemingly endless taxi mom trips-library pit stops-drive thrus (food, banks, post office, pharmacy and more. My family from Germany were surprised how many types of drive thrus we have!) picking kids up etc. etc. I don't always want to drag a big purse with me-just my wallet-keys and I thought a clutch would make a great smallish 'canvas' to try out some fabric collages on...
This is what I came up with. A WIP still-

I like it so far, but think I need to get (even) more daring with my fabric combinations. Really making it more scrappy...

I made a divided pocket for the inside

It also has a zipper closure . The flap will have a bit of velcro to hold it down. I just wanted to cover the zipper and have a place for more collaging!
It isn't exactly as I envisioned, and being a prototype, there are things I'll modify a bit, but I still like it...and, since it's a prototype, this one will be for me :)
Hopefully will finish it up today.
What are you working on?


krys kirkpatrick said...

Very cute. It almost looks like liberty fabrics. I like the "Scrappy look." Always love your visits. Your a busy girls so I very much appreciate it.

Martina said...

I love the scrappy look - yes, you could go even more collage like with your supercute fabrics! Nice pix here, so sunny!

blueberries in the fields said...

very lovely Andrea, you must make more and have fun creating with your collage ideas in mind. never be afraid to be daring. You never know what great surprises you may end up with !
happy creating !

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