Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Lazy Day

Today I am being lazy.
I don't get as much sleep as I would like, I'm not feeling my best and the medication I took is making a bit woozy-so today I'm just sitting on the sofa, surfing around flickr, favorite blogs, and catching up on some favorite dvr'd t.v shows.
I also thought up a few new ideas for possible future projects, so we could call all of these tasks 'research', or something along those lines, right? So I don't feel too guilty ;)

I'm still googling (somewhat unsuccessfully) the best way to "draw" up patterns, as recently-I've even gotten a few requests for them ! :) This has put a little more motivational fire under my search and determination, and I think I may go for the Wacom tablet soon and see if that helps with what I need....

Anyhoo~I made this up yesterday.I'm really loving making some of my patterns with these new prints.

I didn't think I liked the green/blue prints as much as the red/pinks
but once I turned them into something I really like how they look.

I wanted to share a few treasuries I was included in this past week

Gonna get some more rest, tomorrow we'll be spending up to 4 hours round trip on a bus for a field trip! I have to think of something to bring to keep me busy on the ride-maybe some crocheting?


Captain Sharmie said...

hey andrea, have you thought of using a program like adobe illustrator to trace your pattern images after you hand draw them? i think that might be the easiest way to do it while being able to accurately control the way you draw them.

i don't know if you have access to a vector based graphics program like that one (actually i think you could do something similar, but not as easily, in photoshop), but if not you could probably put out a call for help (maybe by barter or volunteer!). i'd hate to see you unable to go through with this wonderful idea due to lack of access or funding!

and if you do think that's a good idea and can't find help, i use any excuse to play with illustrator because it's so much fun. heh!

have a great relax--oops, i mean research!-- day!


Lola Nova said...

Love the new stuff!
Hope you are feeling better soon, and it research!

andrea creates said...

thanks so much sharmie ;)
i've heard about artists making patterns with illustrator and photoshop so i'm gonna add those to my list of things to check into :)

thanks lola nova!

koralee said...

Feel better soon my friend...I love your creations my sweet friend..old and new! xoxoxo hugs

fernandflora said...

How funny to read your blog today and see that you're feeling woozy due some meds. That is the story of my week, thus I've been laying on the sofa watching t.v. and crafting. Sounds like we're on the same track! Meds - can't live with 'em, can't live without them (apparently!)

Hope you're feeling better soon

Jody McDowell said...

i love the green/blue print! looks great!

Martina said...

Hope you'll feel better soon! And well - you've been so busy and crafty - maybe you just need a lil break - and some research! Enjoy it! xxx

Pomona said...

I am really pleased to have discovered your blog - I love the things you make!

Pomona x

karuski said...

Such research days are just good, no need to feel guilty. I often wonder how you manage to come up with so many new ideas and items. You deserve a little break here and there!

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