Tuesday, April 26, 2011

New Business Card Wallet

First, I want to thank those that stopped by and left advice and some ideas for my pattern plan from yesterday's post.
My main problem for pattern making is: (Besides that I'm not too tech savvy) I'm not sure how to digitize them, or make them look professional.
I could always hand draw them I suppose~but I'd love if they looked 'computer drawn'.
I can figure out the pdf part, I think.
Coincidentally , I saw this post on Sew Mama Sew's Blog today. (there are 3 separate posts on their site). However, this seems to be mostly for making clothes, or items with lots of patterns ~ My patterns would only have simple shapes, and perhaps 1-3 small drawings.
Anyone have any tips?
I think it could be so much fun to make and offer up in the shop.

Yesterday-I was on a roll with these prints. I love the Picnic Floral, so much-I made a new business card wallet :

I used 2 of the prints and some linen with a red and cream scallop edged ribbon tab, and a red button. I love the look of linen but I find it can be hard to work with sometimes....
I love how this one turned out though :)
It's in the shop now


Becca said...

It would be so cool if you could sell your patterns on your site. I always have to go by a pattern, so I would be interested in it. I'm not really tech savvy either, but maybe you could look in to some kind of Photoshop program. I have a Wacom tablet with a pen, and it's just like drawing.

moose and bird said...

I love this design and the fabric is just gorgeous too. Happy Wednesday. x

Martina said...

Very sweet - just right for the creative, crafty business-woman! Happy wednesday Andrea!

andrea creates said...

hi -
i''ve been contemplating a wacom tablet.may be something to try ;)

thanks girls :)

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