Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Bug's Life

If you're here for the drawing you can click this link and it'll take you there-I will be closing comments soon though.
I will however leave the coupon code:TAKETEN up til tomorrow ;)

I have noticed a bunch of these caterpillars around lately. They look a little different from what I'm used to.
I was out walking Coco and stumbled, almost literally, upon this one. At first I thought the black spots on the side were shiny-but on closer look I realized they just appear that way because of the little white speck on the black spot-almost how you would paint eyes to show shine-or something like that-you know what I mean...
I couldn't get down close enough so I just put the camera near the grass and aimed the lens in its general direction. I mostly missed the caterpillar but got some cool shots of the grass:

It reminds me of the Bug's Life area in California Disney, if you're familiar with that...
I looked them up, and apparently they are also responsible for the 'silk tents' I keep seeing and wondering about in some of our trees.You can read about them here...
Anyway Coco will be drawing names later on today-stay tuned :)

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Christie Cottage said...

I love the grass shot. It is cool!


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