Thursday, May 19, 2011

A New Wallet Style

I've been wanting to make some card wallets (like the ones in my shop), but with a flap for the snap, for awhile now...

These are, hands down, my most favorite kinds of projects-
I can use my favorite fabrics-without having to buy tons at a time-some special trims-some buttons.Perfect!
Maybe it's a bit of: I need to feel like I'm getting something finished and accomplished in a day as well.

Though these look super simple -they do take some time figuring out the sizes-where you're going to leave the turning opening (oops, brings out thread picker) and so forth.
I could personally use several of these in my purse-for shop reward cards-library cards, gift cards...I even gave one to my daughter the other day to use for cash where she wasn't allowed to bring a purse...

I can see making a bunch of these and using all of my favorite materials-hope you like them too :)

I hear tomorrow we're supposed to have some sunshine -can't wait!


~*~ saskia ~*~ said...

Your wallet is beautiful, Andrea. I like the roses and dots together, a happy happy combination!

Have a lovely Thursday o xx o

fernandflora said...

Oh! I love these! Those patterns are so bright and cheerful! Way to crank out so many goodies!

And yes- I hope we both get some sun tomorrow. I'm going to have to start taking vitamin D if things don't change. :)

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