Friday, May 20, 2011

Weeee~ Wallets 4 + 3

Wallet collection

Clog collection

Today the sun is shining-do you know what that means?
I get to bring out the summer clogs! I wear clogs as often as I can-and I have another pair that is open backed but they have seen better days and I shouldn't really wear them in public, 'tho I do.
But these are newer and I love them ;)

I also apparently have an addiction to making these wallets.
I made up #'s 3 +4 last night and this morning.
I think I'll list them soon but I have to go out into the sunshine and have lunch~
Have a super lovely weekend!!

Oh, I almost forgot~I was also featured in this great treasury by madamaRobe
She lives in Verona (Romeo and Juliet).
I've actually been to Verona once-on my way to Venice-it's beautiful :)


Pomona said...

I love the wallets - the colour combinations look really good.

Pomona x

Rubyred said...

Your clogs are so pretty and so are your wallets!
Have a lovely sunny weekend!
Rachel x

Martina said...

Love your clogs - and your wallets! They all look so joyful! Money for sweets? Sure! Have a fun weekend!

moose and bird said...

Hope you have a lovely weekend Andrea! I must admit, I have never owned a pair of clogs....I remember I always wanted a pair when I was little :) x

karuski said...

Have a beautiful weekend, enjoy the sunny weather! Looking promising over here, too...

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