Friday, June 3, 2011

It's noon and I need a nap already!

Do you have days like that? It seems I've been having a lot of days like that lately, lol.
I haven't been too successful in my sewing these past few days. Its getting a bit frustrating. It seems like I screw up about one out of 3 things I make. That's not a good ratio :0
I did make this this wallet though, this morning....

I'm having better luck with them. These prints are some of the fabric stash I got the other day from the 'new to me' store. I bought like 8 fat quarters and messed up some of them up trying out new things(!) One of them I really love the print on so I definitely have to go and get more ;)

Well, I have 2 kids wanting to do 2 different things today and one is sick-which means at least one of them isn't happy. And pouting. Which has given me a headache.
I'm supposed to go out for my anniversary dinner-better late than never, right?
I think I'll make lunch for the kiddos~and go take that nap!


Christie Cottage said...

Everyday! LOL

Enjoy your anniversary dinner!


karuski said...

Oh, that happens to all of us, I know how you feel. Take care, tomorrow is another day. Beautiful fabric, btw!


Martina said...

Hello weekend - sleeping in, long breakfast, a little walk, a little nap ...i'm relly wiprd out these days as well, i think i told you. But hey, we do so much all the time, we're mums and we're sooooo creative. We deserve a bit of sleep ;) xox

Ammie said...

Naps are important! I always need a boost to stay on top of my emotional game when my child is needy. . . or when my fabric isn't cooperating! ;)

Heather said...

oh no, I hate days like that! Hope today is going better :) and so glad you got the print and love it! Its one of my favorites too :)

Pomona said...

Hope things have improved - don't be too hard on yourself - you can't do everything, and sometimes you just need a break!

Pomona x

Silver Lining Decor said...

Definitely have those days! I love this wallet though-the button is super cute!

Lisa said...

Happy Anniversary!

Very cute wallet. Hope the little one feels better. Being a momma can be very draining. take care....

Very cute wallet • talented lady!

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