Monday, June 6, 2011

Tea Anyone?

We'd already spent the morning at an amusement park-but when you have an idea you just can't shake 'til you make -you must get to work... & so I did.
I thought up this 'tea bag' idea the other day when I was looking through the new fabrics I got from French General.
The rosy prints reminded me of the kind you might see on old fashioned tea cups. My great grandmother had quite the collection!

I also love the little beige scallop and dot design along the selvedges of the french general fabrics. I never know how to incorporate them into my projects but when I thought up the teacup idea- I thought of an idea for the scallops.
rosy prints + scallop edging
'tea bag'

Although my original plan for the scallops was a bit different-I may try it out next time...
These 'tea bags' are for those, like my mom who drink tea (and for whom I thought up this project) that might want to t
ake their favorite teas with them-just pop a little paper tea package or 2 in your 'tea bag' and go ;)
Of course you can use this little bag for anything small that you'd like.
I used the same pattern I had made some of my rounded zippered pouches with last year-just added a 'handle' :)
You could also use the 'handle' to hang it up from a pretty hook ;)

Off to make a few more...and to add it to the shop


ayumills said...

That is such a lovely shaped pouch! Love the dots next to the zipper!

fernandflora said...

What a brilliant idea! Love the fabric and design. And I bet the little pouches would start to smell all herby and nice after a while! So cute

We Blog Artists said...

I'm off to buy one as I think they are absolutely ADORABLE! I think you could sell these in Tea shops!

patchworkdelights said...

how cute is the "t - bag" very clever!

Lisa said...

oh my • absolutely adorable!

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