Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Tuesday Sharing

I haven't been blogging much lately.
I've been swept up in Summer activities (kid entertaining, sports etc.) working on a custom project and general busy~ness.
I just thought I'd pop in and share a few things I've received this past week from some lovely blog friends....
First up-
This lovely convertible necklace /headband from cozyhomemaking

My photo does not do it justice, alas. She has more in her shop where you can see much better photos ; ) I was trying to be artsy but it just didn't work out to well :0

 When I hosted a giveaway awhile back, I never dreamt I would get a prize in return!
The prizewinner, Pomona from Little Cottage Comforts sent me these sachets filled with lavender grown from her own garden. She has an ecofriendly B&B in the Kent Countryside.Sounds like a delight! Thanks so much :) They smell wonderful!!

My Mom got me this huge jar of green vintage buttons last week. I even love the jar. It says-Atlas and 'Good Luck' with a clover. It's like a regular mason jar, but I'd never seen one like that.
Also wanted to share a treasruy feature...I don't see too many with lavender, or purple -and thought it would go along nicely with my lavender sachet theme today (not that green buttons and necklaces have anything to do with lavender sachets ) ;)

I'm going to be keeping things a little on the down low this Summer- I'll be back and forth, popping in and out of blogville, but we will be going on vacation soon and it takes time away from working -I'm  thinking I will put the shop in vacation mode, so if there's something you'd like, coupon code VACATION 15 will get you 15% off anything in the store now 'til July 13...
In August I plan to kick things back into a more regular gear....

Have a super lovely Tuesday :)


Christie Cottage said...

I love the jar of buttons!

Have fun with the kids!


koralee said...

Your treasures are delightful....love that button jar.
Have fun....that is what you MUST do in summer!


Pomona said...

Thank you for the mention - I am glad the lavender made the journey safely. I hope you have a lovely, restful summer holiday. And the jar of buttons is so very beautiful - what a lovely present to receive!

Pomona x

We Blog Artists said...

DITTO Christie...I LOVE those old Jars and the buttons are a HUGE bonus!
HAPPY SUMMER-ing Andrea...

Martina said...

Such gorgeous treats and presents - you deserve them! Yes, am in summer mode too. We need to celebrate summer and be outdoors as much as possible! )

Heather said...

oooh, i love a good jar of buttons! and green ones too! fabulous :)

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