Sunday, July 31, 2011

Vintage Sewing Notions

Just wanted to share the new vintage sewing notions treasury I made yesterday. I usually come up with a theme based on one photo that inspires me, and challenge myself to find goodies to go with it. The inspiration here were the tape measures by Swan & Shears.
This was a fun one :)

I'm slowly getting things rolling workwise. I haven't even uploaded photos yet! I'm still in denial about not being on vacation. Dragging it out as long as possible.
I really needed the break. We just went back 'home'(first time in 2 years) which made me realize that without a doubt, that's where I really want to be. Leaving family there was really hard. One place or another, my choice or another, I've been doing that almost my whole life.
I'll close now before I get too melancholy~
wishing you a sunny Sunday :)


Christie Cottage said...

Awesome vintage finds in your treasury!

Have a wonderful Sunday!


Lisa said...

Fabulous finds.. and so much fun!!!

I love vintage notions and have collected quite a few on my thrifting outings... I put them up on a little shelf in my sewing area for inspiration ...♥

Heather said...

aw, Im sorry you're feeling homesick. And I know this terrible weather isnt helping. I wish I could take the first plane out of here, instead of sitting and baking. Just think of all we'll get done in the fall though! Feel better :)

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