Monday, August 1, 2011

The Bestest Model

Yep, the bestest!
When everyone else runs off the minute I ask: who wants to try this hat in progress on?....this little model is always ready
& willing to get to work.
Very little model-all 8 pounds of her. So if the sizing is accurate, is yet to be seen...

Um, Coco, can you look to the right?

 now left?

 hold that pose

 in the shadows


Coco, are you sleeping on the job?

Not sure why the photos are all blurry and weird colors but I thought they were cute anyway ;)
I've started up my Christmas gift handmade projects-as you can tell (hopefully), this is going to be a chunky crocheted hat.


Martina said...

Very sweet - love these blurry pix Andrea!

Kunklebaby said...

haha-so cute!

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