Monday, September 12, 2011

I Think I'm In Love With Making These ♥

I love making these cozies  :)
I squeaked by with just enough fabric to make another one.

I'm not sure how ~ but the 2 cozies managed to have the blue rose in the same place without even trying!

Here's a closeup of the big fancy chartreuse button  I added...

These 2 look very similar but I did have to change the pocket trim and the flap lining. In some ways I like this one better-
to the shop it's going :)

Edited  to add:
 What a weekend/first part of the week....
*So far my laptop completely crashed and burned(not literally but it's a goner) I've lost photos I don't want to think about or try and remember which.
*My car won't start and it's stuck somewhere I hope won't get it towed-the post office where I was delivering an order :0 I've had trouble with that car for ages. It only ever doesn't work for me. Thankfully my Mom lives nearby and picked me up so I could get my husband's car(that had trouble too and I'm hoping will cooperate for the rest of the day so I can pick up kids...)

I did come home and managed to make/finish up this tablet sleeve. It's perfectly granny chic style :)

It's in the shop now :)


Happybee said...

cute as always!!!

We Blog Artists said...

SO beautiful!!!!!
You're SO clever Andrea!
If I get my new iphone I will definitely ask you to make me a case :-)
Sorry to hear about your Computer! And Photos...must back my stuff up!!!
And your poor car!!!!

HUGS and have a great day and a better week.


Lisa said...

... oh bummer about the car... I hate car trouble.. great job on your creations... fabulous color combos!!!

Susan S said...

I love those! My daughter and I have been making some that are quite similiar for e-readers as well. I think the old-fashioned floral fabric is absolutely lovely!

Susan S said...

I had to come back for a second comment because I just checked out your Etsy shop. Your pieces our lovely! I twittered a link to your shop.

That's all.

Anonymous said...

I found your blog on Becca's Patina Moon roll. These are just amazingly adorable. Sorry about your computer and car troubles though, ouch!

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