Monday, September 19, 2011

Knitters Block Unblocked?

This morning I was reading about 'knitters block'~as in Writer's block but for knitters. 
Unfortunately I cannot remember where I read this  story-if I see it again I'll be sure and post the link.

 I realized that's what I've been suffering from-until possibly yesterday, when I remembered I had this book by Cathy Carron called 'Hattitude'.

I thought I'd use this pretty pink angora blend yarn and a vintage buckle I got at the fair this weekend.
I cannot tell you how many projects I've started, failed at, and ripped back out lately.

I've been trying to knit up a bunch of Christmas presents.
I have a lot of yarn to use up-(see below)-and that's not all of it!
Please excuse the blurry photo-I sort of did that on purpose so it wouldn't look as bad-maybe just looks like a swirling blur of pretty colors this way?

This cabinet was organized the other day. Every time I start a new project, it all falls apart. I have so many skeins of fingering, or dk weight yarn, and lots of patterns that require bulky :0 -but I think this pattern might work out. Wish me luck :)


Pomona said...

Hope it works out - anything more than socks and I usually cast on about four times, and rip back at least twice!!

Pomona x

Happybee said...

Good luck and...can't wait to see it finished!!!!

koralee said...

Oh I am wishing you some knitting happiness my sweet friend. xoxo HUGS

Heather said...

haha, I dont think I'm skilled enough for 'knitter's block.' lol! I keep making super simple knitted stocking caps. nothing to get blocked about there ;) THis hat looks so cute, and i love the yarn color you're using!

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