Friday, September 23, 2011

Treasury Catch Up Again

I managed to get sick this week, and the dr. prescribed 2 different meds yesterday!...Ug.I hate taking medicine. But I guess I'm glad to have it when I need it ;0
Probably picked up some kind of bug at the Fair. So I've been a little lazy this week. And of course, I have some ideas I'm anxious to try and places I wanted to go this weekend. Not sure if that'll work out as planned...

I was looking through some treasuries and remembered that I hadn't shared any here lately so here goes:

I think I'll save the rest for tomorrow :) note to self: remember not to wait so long to share ;)

One of my favorite recent treasuries was even featured on this

-Off to get some (more) rest-


Christie Cottage said...

Hope you feel better...FAST!


We Blog Artists said...

love the last pretty!
OH. my T-cup pouch came yesterday...I LOVE it!
I am gifting it to a dear friend who's birthday this I will keep my eye out for any more that you post!!!

andrea creates said...

thanks :-)

Happybee said...

get well soon my Dear!!!!
wonderful treasuries!!!

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