Thursday, September 15, 2011

Parlez Vous Francais?

 I hope you aren't tired of seeing these cozies ;)

 This one is for a kindle. 
I think there may be some confusion about the cozies... Some are for kindles or e-readers. Some are for iPads...
I try to throw my hand in some of the shots to show scale- hopefully that helps a bit...? 
I haven't yet made any for phones but, I got a new phone for my birthday and it needs a new case so I'll try and make extras for the shop :) It's not an iPhone but a nice one like that, and I'm still getting used to it. My old one was pretty old and barely had lettters or numbers left on it ;0

P.S ~I got this nail polish for my birthday. It's called 'mint sorbet' by Sally Hansen. I usually have wild colors on if anything, and apparently I am becoming well known for it as I also got a bright pumpkin orange and a taxi cab yellow bottle as gifts too! Stay tuned they'll probably be in a 'scale shot' soon :)

Off I go -I have more things to work on today~what have you been making?


silly old suitcase said...

oui, oui...cest très bien!

nice nailpolish (my English is much better...!)


We Blog Artists said...

NEVER tired of seeing your creations!
I have been painting in the FREEZING wind...our FALL has sprung a huge surprise on us this morning.'s cold.
Hoping Summer will return next week before the 21st!


Happybee said...

oui, je parle un peu de francais...LOL!!!
this is adorable, I love this fabric!!!
I'm making pouches and stuffed hearts...I love make them!!!
and...of course...some new crochet things...

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