Tuesday, October 18, 2011

New Design Sample Sale

O.k- So I've never had a sample sale. But now's as good a time to start as any, right?

Actually this is a new design I've been working on- off and on for awhile now. 
It's basically the card wallet design with a zippered coin pocket.
Because of the pocket placement and the zippered section, there is also a 3rd pocket/section (behind the zippered pocket). Phew, that's confusing.(The photo will do the explaining for me with the 5 euro bill)

I think I'll make up some more of these, maybe tweaking here and there... but basically the same plan.
Now for the sample sale part:
Because I can't justify keeping every sample I make when designing something new- or give them away to everyone I know...lol, you should see my Mom's (and Aunt's and... purse- full of all the things I make ;)...I have decided to go ahead and list this one. It will be discounted, just because.
It will also be my 70th item in the shop! Wow! I've never gotten that many things listed at once! I'd like to hit a hundred, but don't know if that's too ambitious right now. We'll see...


Lisa said...

Brilliant piece! I love all the stow away pockets.. compact and clever to boot ♥

.. do know what you are saying .. you should see my mom & sisters stash.. lol!!!

Pomona said...

You have obviously been very busy! I am sure that your shop will do well over the present giving season.

Pomona x

fernandflora said...

way to stock your shop! My shop had over 60 items this summer and I was so proud. Then we moved and started a remodel and I haven't listed anything in months - just renewing right now. Good work fellow crafter and hope the sale is a success!

Heather said...

This is really cute! You've been a busy little bee :)

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