Friday, October 21, 2011

Some Cozy WIP's

I've been knitting up a storm. A storm of earwarmers at least ;)

 I love these 3 colors together-the bottom one is called 'pear' which I think is a good name but I would also call it chartreuse.
 Every year I try to make as many gifts as I can.

See some here.
and here-where i seemed to be crocheting up a storm ;)

I have a lot of birthdays and holidays coming up to make for~ a lot of skinny yarn I need to use up and thought these would be a quick knit. I can make one a night before my arm gets tired. I sort of adapted a pattern myself after reading several tutorials online. Not much to it. Circular needles, some ribbing at the beginning and end and knit a few inches in the middle...

in the same colors, but nothing to do with~another wip i had going on-a brooch with felt and some of my favorite fabric

However-the earwarmers are not yet done...I will be adding some fabric to them- I'll show you when I'm done :)


Becca said...

These are beautiful Andrea. I love the colors. Do you make fingerless gloves too? I wish I could knit!

Martina said...

Love these soft colors - the wool looks so pretty! And what you make of it. Happy weekend to you!

Kunklebaby said...

Pretty! It's been nice weather to knit!{cold & rain-blah}

andrea creates said...

thanks for the kind words ladies :-)

Annaboo said...

Ooooo, lovely goodies here!
Found you via Fern and Flora and glad I came to visit. Must be the change in weather, but i've been crocheting headband/ ear warmers too.
Love the colours of yours, too. Perfect for autumn.
Following you now.
Am off to have a peek at some of your other posts now...
Have a great weekend.

millefeuilles said...

Those colours are perfect together. You are so productive!

Avery Hill said...

Sweet! :)


koralee said...

Love these colours too my friend..and your new banner is stunning. HUgs

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