Sunday, October 2, 2011

Scrappy Bird Wristlet

So, after having been critiqued for my pattern choices (see the last post) ;)
I decided to ask said someone, to choose some fabrics themselves for a wristlet.
 I/we added the bird in the scrappy collage style~ like I did for some other totes and projects, a few buttons and a scrap of lace (from an anthropologie gift card!) and voila~
This is what they came up with~ and I must admit I like it ;)

As you can see, these little wristlets are rather tiny. They fit a smaller camera like this one. I myself would maybe take it to an event, or shopping, little errand runs where you just wanna run in and take your wallet or keys...

This one will go to the shop (reluctantly ;)


koralee said...

ADORABLE...your creations are the the bird. xoxoxo

andrea creates said...

aw, thanks koralee :)

Lisa said...

absolutely love the shape and size.. how very handy.. and the fabric/color combo... well it is truly an Andrea Creates ... thus ... WoW!!!

..bags from both posts!

millefeuilles said...

Swoon! I love your work... if something so beautiful can be called work!

Hey, pop over and see my post; there's a surprise waiting for you!

Avery Hill said...

How cute! Love the buttons in your header!


SewSweetStitches said...

OH. my gosh. Those are the cutest little things ever! And totally practical, I like to carry around a small purse with just a couple necessities. And then put that inside a larger bag filled with books and knitting, etc. And then that goes in a LARGER bag with my lunch and my camera.... I'm a total bag lady haha!

kt40s said...

Andrea it has been awhile since I have commented on your blog, I am happy to see the same beauty and new lovely ideas you manage to always share:)
Would you ever be interested in doing a interview on my new blog? i am trying to feature two on-line artists/store owners a month. Just let me know.

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