Monday, November 28, 2011

Cyber Monday

How is your cyber Monday going?

I've made up another little red floral wallet. This is one of my favorite prints by Lecien.

It's getting cold here and I hear we have snow on the way :(
I think I'll go make some vegetable soup and stay warm!

How's the weather where you are?

p.s~ i'm a few treasuries to share behind, so i'll share a few in each upcoming post:


harmony and rosie said...

I love that Lucien print, anything in red always gets my attention. Today it's wild and windy and I'm keeping my fingers crossed as we have the roofer here today. I'm hoping to goodness we don't get any snow this year, it's the snow that ruined our roof!!
Have a great day
Kate x

andrea creates said...

thanks :)
aw, hope you get your roofer today!

Martina said...

Very cold and foggy here tiday, bed-weather! Your red here warms my heart!

kt40s said...

So bright and cheery for it's small size it really shines on the screen:)

Yadira said...

Oh God! The red wallet turned out really cute. :D

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