Sunday, November 27, 2011

What I've made this week

 I have been busy sewing and filling orders this week :) and haven't had many free moments to take some photos 'til now...

I just bought a new pattern from keykalou~the above wallet. What a fun design. I love the interior zipper...

 I made up some of the felt flowers again-but this time a bit smaller, and attached them to headbands.I'm keeping the top one ;)

butterscotch mint headband

and finally another gathered clutch. These are tricky to make and I'm not sure how many I can make before retiring this new design-or else I'll have to rework it :0
...Both of the original ones I made have gone to new homes however, and this one is just listed :)

What have you made this week?


Pomona said...

You have made some lovely things - glad that it is all going so well!

Pomona x

Christie Cottage said...

Great items! Glad your have orders to fill. There are many who don't.


Heather said...

oh, love that pretty little clutch! and the headband too :D

Happybee said...

beautiful new items!!!!!!!!
and great you have so many orders...I didn't get ONE lately... :O(

moose and bird said...

I adore the bottom design. The colours, the patterns, everything about it is perfection x

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