Friday, November 11, 2011

I'm Back

Back to hopefully, regular blogging. It was hard not being able to get online when or where I wanted. It's become such a habit. In a way it's also nice to have a break from it~ like being in the 'old days'-not so long ago ;)

I'd like to say I was super-uber productive during this time off, but I also took a bit of a creativity break too.

I had a custom request recently, and made a trial pouch, which I think turned out to be a really cute size and shape... Maybe I'll add some to the shop soon? :)

~Happy Weekend~


silly old suitcase said...

Nice to have you back!...i'm happy to read you're doing fine...we all need time to create and to take a break from it all...meanwhile i discovered how to make treasury lists on Etsy and i must say your handmade pretties are nice to 'use'...;-)

have a nice weekendx

Martina said...

Wlcome back Andrea - and happy weekend! Yes, a lil' break is good sometimes. Love this sweet new thing you've made!

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