Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Kindle Cozy Craze

I had the idea to patchwork some cozies/sleeves the other day and was on quite a roll. I'm not sure which size is more popular? Perhaps the kindle fire? I like making them both but have a slight preference in the smaller ones, just because,
 they're smaller ;)

The bottom one with red polka dots is for a kindle fire.As you can see it's not much bigger.The top one will be revealed in the shop soon ;)

This one's the newest:

I had quite a time getting photos to show the right color for this one. Every time I go upstairs to the window to take pictures in natural light- its either raining and cloudy-or sunny! Seems it can't decide which way to be today :)
How's the weather where you are?


koralee said...

Still have not got myself a kindle...but when I do...I will be calling YOU! xoxoxo Hugs

andrea creates said...

Thanks Koralee :)

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