Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Blurry colors

I wish I were really organizing more,
however I bought these boards at 'Michael's' awhile back and never really did much other than hang a few pairs of scissors from them. 
I wasn't thrilled with how far apart I had to space them to keep the scissors from overlapping-and the boards are on the smallish side, unless I got a lot more and hung them all together blablabla-I know picky.

But the other day I realized they'd also be great to hang my ever growing collection of scrapbook store packages of ribbons, trim buttons etc. etc.
Now they're off of my cutting table :)

It's the little things ;)


millefeuilles said...

Don't you find it amazing how all those sewing odds and ends quickly equate clutter? It is a good idea to have a display where you can see (admire) your ribbons and threads and keep them off the work surface.


ps Andrea, I am having a giveaway which might be of interest to you...

REread said...

Good idea.

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