Monday, April 30, 2012

Pocket Clutch Organizer

Quick update~in regards to last post~ my daughter said she could see baby birds in the birdhouse-so I went to take a peek. I kept looking for tiny featherless babies-the little 'doorway' is very small and it's dark inside-and then I finally spied, not a baby, but the mama...And I think it must be a chikadee :)so cute!

So, a couple of posts ago I said I'd switch it up a bit for my next project....

 I used the same prints~ but a different pattern~ see just a bit ;)

I'm almost out of them and think I should go get more :0 I really like this one...

I use a pocket clutch organizer like this one all the time. I stash gum and candy and medicine in mine, but they could be used for money, cards, lip gloss~ whatever's small enough :)

~This one's now in the shop~

*pattern by michelle patterns, formerly keykalou


Paula said...

Hello sweet Andrea, I am so happy you saw the sweet momma bird. I adore chickadees! Your clutch is gorgeous! I love your creations and the fabrics you use. Your blue nail polish is lovely too! I hope you and your daughter have fun watching the birdies! xo~Paula

Happybee said...

Hello Andrea!!!!
thanks for stopping and welcome me!!!
I looove your new clutch!!!!
Have a nice day!

Patrice said...


Love the fabric choices for the clutch! I've made a few of them myself and love the way they turn out! :)

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