Sunday, April 29, 2012


I guess Spring is here. Sometimes I can't tell.
It was warm for awhile last month, but for several days it's been cold again.

Though our salad is growing in the vegetable garden, and I did make some fresh mint tea...our roses don't seem to want to bloom yet.

Meanwhile. we spied this little guy in our tree the other day....

 That's a sign of Spring isn't it?
We also have some hand-painted birdhouses on our deck that birds seem to want to make nests in every year. I tried to get a picture of them going in and out but they're just too quick...Maybe next time.

This year's are not the same breed.I'll have to look up which kind they are. If I can get them to pose for a picture ;)

little robin


koralee said...

Your little robin is adorable...we have bunnies and a squirrel that have made a home in our yard. Happy new week to you.

Lisa said...

weather has been so crazy here too! We are definitely green though .. and so many flowers ..... I love this time of year! If only it would warm up a tad!!!

How fun is a bird house with an actual occupant!!! It has been fun learning the different birds around here.. they are so different than on the east side of the mountains where it was dry and sunny..

Have a wonderful week!!!! ♥

Paula said...

Hello sweet Andrea, I am so glad you are seeing signs of spring and having birdies nesting in your garden! I love birdies and have them nesting in mine too. I do hope your roses will bloom soon sweetie! The robin is so sweet on the nest! I hope you have a beautiful week! xo~Paula

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