Friday, April 6, 2012

"Real" Chocolate Bunnies

As opposed to my "fake" chocolate bunnies.... ;)

  Chocolate bunny pops

 3 in a row

and ready to go :)

I had plans to make different gifts this year. These are what I've actually gotten around to...
We bought the supplies at Michaels and the bunny mold at Target. All you really need is:
*good (meltable) chocolate 
*lollipop sticks
*and candy molds.
We also made flowers from some German molds I bought a long time ago - Maybe I'll get a photo of those later. Off to buy more chocolate!


silly old suitcase said...


happy Easter! x

kt40s said...

andrea these are so sweet thanks for the info on where to get the supplies.

Martina said...

Happy easter dear Andrea! So perfectly sweet these bunnies - and so well done! Have a lovely time!

koralee said...

So darling...I love chocolate and bunnies so put the two together and you have JOY! Hope your Easter was amazing. xoxox

Paula said...

Hello sweet Andrea! I hope your Easter was wonderful! The chocolate bunnies are so cute and sweet! What lovely gifts for you to make for your dear ones! xo~ Paula

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