Wednesday, April 18, 2012


~you can tell how small it is here~

Decided to go with the bow. Daughter # 1 and a few others, suggested the circle pin, but I thought the faceted sparkles in the bow had a touch of yellow, or perhaps they were just picking up the flannel? Either way, I thought it went a little better. I'm sure I'll incorporate the circle into another one-because I just went out and bought more clasps!! In different sizes too.

I learned something about the construction- I should probably either stitch, or glue. I did both :0.

Because these clasps have holes for stitching the bag to the clasp, you almost 'have to' stitch, & I wanted to add a contrasting color, but I didn't think about the fact that if I glued the bag in first it would make the stitching vveerry difficult. There's almost no other way to do it (?)Has anyone made bags with clasps before, and know a good way to do this?


 I'm anxious to get started on the next one~
 Stay tuned ;)


kt40s said...

oh la la i love this little pocket purse!

andrea creates said...

thanks katy!

Paula said...

Hi sweet Andrea! I love this gorgeous purse! You did a beautiful job! The image is lovely and the bow is perfect! Love the fabric too! I would have never known this was your first one to make! You are very talented! xo~Paula

Martina said...

Very pretty this, a lovely combination! xx

harmony and rosie said...

Andrea that is seriously lovely!
Kate x

Heather said...

Ahh! This is SO cute. Love it. I'm not usually into yellow, but this is adorable, that vintage illustration is precious!

andrea creates said...

thanks girls :)

We Blog Artists said...

Sorry I've been so bad at popping by...I have more time now.

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