Saturday, May 19, 2012

Bright Ruffled Pouches

As it gets closer to Summer, I find I want to use bright colors more than during the Winter months.

 I've been having fun making these ruffles. I thought I'd use up some of my Denyse Schmidt prints that I've kept for myself ;) and make the ruffles for some new zippered bags.

 I used 2 layers of batting for these bags so they're extra squishy. The blue daisy one is quite big and has a tab on the side you could hook a strap to and use as a wristlet. Maybe I should make one for it? I was thinking it'd make a nice 'on the go' project bag. It will fit a pair of shorter, or circular, knitting needles, crochet hook and yarn etc...

I'm not sure these seem like my usual style. I have such a variety of things I like~ that I guess it shows in my print and embellishment choices (?) Lately I've been doing everything from natural linens with vintage buckles to art deco to now these...The prints remind me of those retro 50's style tablecloths :)

 I've had some of these buttons(?) come up in bags of buttons with a single center hole. I'm never sure what to do with them but today I realized they might make fun toggle/zipper pulls...

 The green one is smaller, I was thinking more camera bag, phone, smallish goodies case...

I think I'll go make more til I run out of zippers :)
I'll be adding them to the shop soon...the orange one I do have to keep for myself as it has a small cut in the lining fabric. My daughter couldn't even see it but I'm a perfectionist. Except for those ruffles-I like the scrappy frayed edges.
What do you think? Do you prefer cleaner edged ruffles? Or the frayed?


Martina said...

Very sweet! And: love the new header here. Happy sunday to you!

millefeuilles said...

What a beautiful header! Such pretty pouches; I love that vintage feel.


Happybee said...

Hello Andrea!!!!
your pouches are beautiful!!!
and i love your choice of know...I need bright colors right now...LOL!!!
Hope the thunderstorm will not reach you today!!!
Have a lovely day!

Trisha Brink Design said...

Alright...these are all just a bit too cute for words! Well done, and I hope your sales are off the charts with all this cuteness!! :) T.

andrea creates said...

thanks ladies :)

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