Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Granny Chic Headband Tutorial

I saw a few of these this weekend and thought they would be fun and easy to make...The ones I saw were plain and had no embellishments. I thought I could jazz them up a bit by adding some vintage buttons and pretty colored elastic...I have lots of crochet lace trim and buttons on hand-I just went to Target and got some hair elastics. You can find fun colors to match the lace, or something that matches your hair color.
I might do that next time, and may even try a thicker elastic just to see which works best.

Meanwhile I made mine, (& took all the photos for this tutorial) within 20 minutes. I'd guess the headband alone shouldn't take more than 10. A little more if you embellish yours of course.
I even wore mine when I went out today :)
I just need to get a photo of it being modeled now ;)
You'll need:
  • at least 18 inches of crochet lace trim(circumference of your head minus about 3 inches)
  • 2 hair elastics (I used the smaller sized here) 
  • sewing machine and thread
  • optional: fray check, buttons, embellishments
~Measure your head around where you normally wear your headbands.(You can use a soft flexible tape measure such as the kind used for sewing, the crochet trim itself, or a piece of ribbon etc.)(ex:mine 21")

~Measure one of the elastic bands.I bought the smallest size the store had, and they are about 1 1/2 inches across/diameter.Multiply this diameter by 2.
(ex for mine: 1 1/2" x 2 =3") 
Take the measurement you got for the elastic bands and subtract that from your head measurement.(ex:mine, 21"-3" =18"). Cut your crochet lace trim to this length.
Note: next time I will make my crochet trim length even shorter, like 17", since I tend to like tighter headbands. Take this into consideration when cutting :) 

 ~Grab one of the elastic bands, and place it on one end of the trim.

 ~Pull the trim through the elastic band.
Fold the trim over the band about a 1/2 inch, and pin in place.

  ~Stitch as close to the raw edge of the folded lace as possible, from end to end.Make sure to backstitch. 
Stitch again from one end to the other.

Your secured elastic should now look like this.

~Now attach the 2nd elastic band to the first. 
Pass it underneath the first one.(it will be 'divided' by the first elastic band, see photo above)
Then take the left side of the 2nd elastic band and, go over the first elastic, and through the loop on the right hand side. Pull carefully to tighten ~see photos for reference. I hope this is clear, please let me know ;)


Repeat steps 1~3 to attach the 2nd elastic band to the other raw edge of crochet trim.

Voila! Your Granny Chic Headband is done~
this is what the back should look like.
You can add some fray check to the raw ends of lace if you feel like it may need it.

 Now you can embellish your headband:

Enjoy :)


Unknown said...

love it .. clever! thank you for the tutoring!

I used to have a baby girl that I would dress up in buttons and bows and all kinds of cute .. well she is 21 now and doesn't quite appreciate it anymore :(

Paula said...

Hello sweet Andrea, I LOVE your granny chic headband sweetie! It is so beautiful! The color of lace you used is pretty and so are the sweet buttons you added! Thank you so much for sharing your fabulous tutorial and the lovely photos! I look forward to making one! Thank you for your kind comment! Have a happy Friday and weekend! Love, Paula xo

Lola Nova said...

Ah, what a sweet little tutorial, thank you!

I love those pouches in your last post!

andrea creates said...

thanks :)

Martina said...

So sweet andd chic! This would make a lovely present for someone! happy weekend Andrea!

Rubyred said...

Your headbands are so cute! Great tutorial and thank you so much for your sweet comments about me on Paula's blog!
Have a fabby weekend
Rachel x

kt40s said...

I am sooo making some of these!! i love how you demonstrated to make them, it is so crystal clear! YAY! thanks.

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