Thursday, June 28, 2012

Amy & David Butler

Look who I met last weekend at Sewn Studio

How exciting!
I have been a fan since she came out with her very first patterns. I brought all my books along to have signed but thought I'd look silly so I only brought in the last one (and an email we had exchanged 8 years ago!)
They were both so nice.  
I got to see some of her new prints from Cameo~coming soon~ can't wait :)


I'm going to have a busy day -hopefully getting some work done and maybe make some more ice cream...My daughter has bookmarked pages in one of the library books.This time I won't forget to take pics...
We made the most delicious pizza last night.Husband is Italian and went to cooking school so he knows what he's doing ;)
I wish it hadn't been so late, I was too tired to take a picture but it was seriously the best pizza i've had since Italy.
I'll try and get him to make another one soon and maybe share the recipe, and photos :)...


Lisa said...

fun • fun • fun!!!

how fortunate to be married to an Italian & one who cooks! ♥

PonderandStitch said...

oooooo AWESOME!!! That is so cool. What a good-looking couple!

koralee said...

Oh lucky you! I love Amy! She is so talented and her fabrics are amazing. Have fun in the kitchen. xoxox

Heather said...

Oh how fun! And that pizza sounds amazing! I love a man who cooks, my grandpa is the best cook in my family :)
Oh, and I just blogged my shabby apple dress today! Thank you again so much for the chance to win, and thanks to Coco for picking me! :D

andrea creates said...

you're so welcome heather! the dress looks so cute :)

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