Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Chalk and Hoop

I discovered a new Mom and Pop quilt shop recently and had my eye on some chalkboard "fabric".

I have seen it before but never really knew what I would do with it.
 I also had some embroidery hoops on hand from yet another unfinished plan/project...I decided to put them both together...and voila~ Chalkboard embroidery hoops:

Because the material is new to me~ I'm going to keep one for myself, practice writing on it, cleaning it and so forth for a few days, to see how well they stand up...Then if all goes well~ to the shop they'll go :)
So far I have done 4, and I have varnish that seems like it will never come off of my hands ~but I got 2 done in blue, green and pink~  I think they'd be 'sew' cute in a craft room! ;)

What about you? Have you been making anything new?

1 comment:

koralee said...

What a darling idea....hope your Summer is going well. xo

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