Thursday, July 12, 2012

Romantic Prairie Cowgirl Pouch

It's probably obvious, I've been taking things easy this Summer. Not necessarily because I want to~ I have ideas and get frustrated that I don't have the time to accomplish them...
It's not easy juggling entertainment for kids, and more.
Squeezing in the motivation to work in the heatwave with a hot iron at hand isn't helping either.
Thankfully it's cooled down a bit this past week.
I did find a moment to make a new design for a pouch...

It's got a curvy flared shape and hand stitched lace trim with a sprinkling of buttons-in the shop now :)

I have also been working on some of those patterns I mentioned...Currently a clutch~ I'll share when done...:)

P.S~~I'm discounting things in the shop just before they expire as I don't feel like renewing them , lol..Not sure yet if I will renew, or try and keep on hand for local shows this Winter...So grab them while you can and
take advantage/ keep checking back for deals :) Currently I have some trim up for grabs...

Have a happy weekend!!


Martina said...

These roses on yellow just make me happy! So much rain here, i miss the sun. Happy monday Andrea!

koralee said...

I adore that to take a peek at your shop. xoxoxo Happy new week.

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