Sunday, August 19, 2012

A Peek into the Creative Process

~~Happy Sunday to you~~

Just thought today it'd be fun to share a tiny peek into my process of designing.

1.I draw out my idea...

2.For a project with curved lines, I retrace the lines with curved rulers.

3.I actually may take a day or so to decide which fabrics to cut into(!)It has to be just the right one~print lay out is  
important to me.Especially on a piece like this where the  
print should be non-directional.After that, I'll make one.


I do it over and over and over again.Because I am a hyper perfectionist with my projects, I will redraw it this many times- if not more. I probably have tossed as many total rejects not shown here(lol!)I think I have come up with one that I really like now(phew). 
Tho' they seem simple,the whole time I'm thinking things like this:
~ am I getting the circumference and the width of the actual collar that I'm envisioning right?
~ should I make it the same width all the way around, or should I taper it close to the curved front more, or less, or should I make both options?...
~does one size fit all? how big should I make it so that it will lay how I want?
~how long should the ties be for the reversible version?
and more

Then, as you can see above, I have been working on them in a program to digitise them, so I can hopefully sell them in my or 'real' shops....Here's usually where the final tweakage-(is that a word??)happens.

I'm also working on this...It's going to be a sling bag, but I'm not yet sure how yet. I just knew these pieces had to go together. I'm trying to decide how to make the strap.
I have this faux leather/vinyl I want to use.We'll see...

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